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Ash Moreno

Front-end developer based in United States

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I started my Front-end Development journey in September 2021 when I came across a free coding introduction from SheCodes.
I decided to check that out and I became hooked. My passion for Computer Science did not start with that. I was fresh off middle school
and wanted to pursue a degree in Computer Science, but coming from a third-world country, I came across gender inequality when
the school did not accept me for the course. I was given the option to take Hotel and Restaurant Management instead.

I have no regrets doing just that because, with that, I was able to excel in different roles such as bartender, trainer, and manager.
And then destiny decided to take things into her hand and give me back my first love, Web Development.
From the day of that free coding lesson to this very moment, here are the projects I have accomplished.

AWS FlashCards

I recently accomplished something I had been striving towards for a long time - passing the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam. It was a long journey, but with the help of my study notes and flashcards, I was able to make it happen.
Now, I want to share my success with others. I believe that my flashcards can be a valuable tool for anyone looking to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam. That's why I'm making them available to anyone who needs them. I want to help others achieve the same level of success that I did, and I believe that my flashcards are a great starting point.

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Macrame Project

This landing page is the first project I've done with SheCodes Basic.
I was able to create a website with the use of only HTML and CSS. Here, I showcased a gallery of my handmade macrame creations.

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Weather App

I recreated the weather application I did with Vanilla Javascript using ReactJS. By the use of a Rest API called Open Weather Map, this application is able to give live data.

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Dictionary App

This Dictionary App is another ReactJS project that I made.
I used two Rest APIs and one of which is called Dictionary API. I had a lot of fun making this app mainly because the design I used was heavily inspired by my love for Donuts.

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Social Media Kit

I usually get collaborations online, mainly on Instagram, and this media kit is what I use to introduce myself to different brands. I also use it to put affiliate links and shareable codes for my social media audience. I made this site with HTML and CSS. This is also the first time I used a basic CSS animation using keyframes.

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Happy Garden

Happy Garden was built for the GDI Hackathon 2022 - Hack for Health! We were given 48 hours to start and accomplish the project. All team members were first-time hackers, which has proven to be challenging and a rewarding experience for us! The Happy Garden app won and landed third place! 2 days after deployment, it has already garnered almost 100 users! Team members are mostly front-end developers, leading us to take on different roles and learn new technologies.

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Digital Detox App

The Digital Detox app is designed to help people disconnect from their devices and lead a more mindful life. This app was built using React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and Vite, a lightweight development server. By using this app, users can break free from the constant distractions of social media and other digital devices and focus on living a healthier and more intentional life.

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